To surprise & delight

Frances Atkins and her head chef Roger Olive share a celebratory joy in using the unique produce of the region. Food is free-spirited and creative, yet each ingredient has a clear voice. Bold and intriguing combinations abound, but always with the aim of surprising and delighting diners. Menus are ever changing and follow the arc of the seasons to tempt even frequent visitors back time and time again.


Spontaneity is treasured but matched with a tireless pursuit of perfection and a delight in the craft and care needed to create balanced flavours and textures. Imagination and finesse combine to create wonderfully executed food drawn from a classical repertoire and flawless technique. With such assured craft, the kitchen team creates dishes that excite the palate in a style that is most definitely unique to The Yorke Arms.

Yorkshire’s finest

From the kitchen garden and the wild garlic that grows at the waters edge, out onto the Yorkshire moors and on to the coasts, the day’s ingredients are always changing but forever providing new inspiration. Flavour is everything and freshness is the key to intensity. Almost all the produce is from the locality and consequently comes to The Yorke Arms in peak condition providing an amazing start point to every dish.